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The Rehabilitation of the Ancestral House

The Living Room

The living room was a big empty space. It shared a wall with Lolo's room, which the caretaker's family use, a little privacy provided by scraps of plywood and cartons nailed into a collage of a wall.

Rehab work was limited to the the carpentry: the shared wall with Lolo's room, the drop part of the ceiling, and the repairs on the sliding windows. The rest was furniture work.
The resurrection of the toxic couch, fabricating the two wire-backed chairs (copied from a P33K chair purchased on sale for P22K, built on site for less than P10K each), and bringing back the big round dao table from Pulang Lupa. The artworks are mine, the painting and altar wall construction "borrowed" from Pulang Lupa, and the two sculptures done on site, metalworks done on idle days with Danny.

The floor was an source of disagreement. Damaged by time, I wanted to redo it with marble tiles. A lost cause--I never got anyone to agree with it. The wood stayed. I think, in the end, the better choice, keeping the ancestral look.