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Ocean City Boardwalk (print) image (27x38") - $35 + SH

Inner Harbor (print) image (28x30") - $75+ SH

Horseplay (sculpture) image

Felix (acrylic) image (30x30")

Anymal (sculpture) image

Musicians (sculpture) image

Trio (sculpture) image

Waiting (image) Sold

Prices of other artworks on exhibit at the galleries and other website gif imagery are available upon request. All artworks are copyright © GStuart For further information, Email:

Other Fine Art Prints

(images available upon request)

American in Paris (Yiro Yamagata) 2 available

Carousel (Yiro Yamagata)

L' Aubade (Michele Delacroix)

Peaceful Hours (Susan Rios)

Joggers (Harold Altman)

Pigeons (Harold Altman)

Sitting Man (Peter Max)