The Complete Updated List of Philippine Medicinal Plants in Tagalog and English
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Herb / Drug Interactions
Oliba (Sago palm) 3/19 Pitogo (Queen sago) 3/19 Green wax flower 3/20 Kakaw / Cacao 3/20
Tsaang gubat (Wild tea) 3/21 Dilang-aso (Dog/s tongue) 3/22 Alagasi (Tooth scrubber) 3/25 Nitong-puti (Maindenhair creeper) 3/26
Labuag (Wild sour) 3/2 Pungapung (Corpse flower) 3/27 Kolitis (Green amaranth) 3/28 Uray (Spiny amaranth) 3/29
Malapako (Primrose yellow) 3/29 Gulaman (Agar-agar) 3/30 Paanbalibis (Spreading hogweed) 3/30 Tintatintahan (False daisy) 3/31
Sabilau (Spreading dayflower) 3/31 Manzanilla (Winter aster) 4/1 Stevia (Sweet leaf) 4/1 Parsley 4/2
Hinggiu-kalabau 4/2 Botoncillo (Globe amaranth) 4/3 Salago (Round-leaf salago) 4/3 Lubi-lubi (Deadly nightshade) 4/3
Buhok ni Ester (Spanish moss) 4/5 Rabbit foot fern 4/5 Malunggaian (Bead tree) 4/6 Dayang (Pastureweed) 4/8
Sayikan (Chickenweed) 4/9 Miracle fruit 4/10 Tibig (Sacking tree) 4/11 Dalandan (Bitter orange) 4/11
Patolang gubat 4/12 Bogambilya (Paper flower) 4/12 Puso-puso (Pond spice) 4/13 Sampa-sampalukan (Seed-under-leaf) 4/14
Serpentina (Snake root) 4/15 Roselle (Red sorrel) 4/16 Barau-barau (Tall chloranthus) 4/16 Sayote (Chayote) 4/17
Indian tree (Asoka tree) 4/17 Gulasiman (Common purslane) 4/18 Sinta (King of bitters) 4/19 Cilantro (Coriander) 4/19
Kabuyaw (Kaffir lime) 4/20 Kasuy (Cashew) 4/21    
Cloves 2/13 Bogo (Burus) 2/14 Acerola (Barbados cherry) 2/22 Culantro (Sawtooth coriander) 4/18
Jaboticaba (Brazilian grape tree) 4/20      
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