The Complete Updated List of Philippine Medicinal Plants in Tagalog and English
Herb / Drug Interactions
Balatong-pula (Purple tephrosia) 8/25 Sandikit (Leadwort) 8/26 Boto (Beach napauka) 8/26 Bamboo orchid (Bird orchid) 8/26
Tañgo (Crown daisy) 8/27 Sambanganai (Climbing pepper) 8/29 Kangkong (Water spinach) 8/29 Talong-talongan (Thorn apple) 8/30
Namog (Wld cinnamon) 8/31 Pisek (Two flower mille graines) 9/1 Dugtong-ahas (Parameria laevigata) 9/1 Lobio (Hairy carpet weed) 9/2
Malatungaw (Malabar melastome) 9/2 Malungay (Miracle tree) 9/3 Kaatoan-bangkal (Cadamba tree) 9/3 Niyog-niyogan (Palm-like fig) 9/4
Yellow allamanda (Golden trumpet) 9/5 PatolangGubat 9/5 Lagunding-dagat (Three leaf chaste tree) 9/6 Tan-ag (Guest tree) 9/6
Niyog (Coconut) 9/7 Tambalisa (Necklace pod) 9/7 Rosal (Gardenia) 9/7 Anuang (Whitehead spikehedge) 9/7
Chico (Sapodilla) 9/8 Indian catmon (Elephant apple) 9/9 Saging (Banana) 9/12 Bignay (Currant tree) 9/13
Kalingag (Cinnamomum mercadoi) 9/13 Buntot-ng-kabayo (Horsetail) 9/14 Dila-dila (Prickly-leaved elephant's foot) 9/14 Arnus (Japanese alder) 9/15
Api-api (Indian mangrove) 9/15 Nitong-pula (Japanese climbing fern) 9/15 Daua (Foxtail millet) 9/16 Paragis (Wire grass) 9/16
Malaanis (Sweet broom) 9/17 Lagundi (Five-leaf chaste tree) 9/17 Lubi-lubi (Deadly nightshade) 9/17 Bain (Pale sundew) 9/20
Subsuban (Knot grass) 9/21 Kalancho (Flaming Katy) 9/21 Malbas (Chinese bell flower) 9/22 Sedang-dahon (Wooly morning glory) 9/22
Kalapini (Marsh fleabane) 9/23 Talong-siam 9/23 Tabako (Tabacco) 9/23 Tanglad (Lemon grass) 9/24
Kutcharitas (Calico plant) 9/5      
Alfalfa 3/25 Napier grass 3/30 Anubing (Monkey jackfruit) 4/16 Silverleaf (Texas sage) 7/6
Buddha belly plant (Gout plant) 9/6 Crab grass (Summer grass) 9/8 Lady palm (Rhapis) 9/19 Coat buttons (Tridax daisy) 9/20
Gallant soldier (Galinsoga) 9/21 Foxtail palm 9/24    
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