The Complete Updated List of Philippine Medicinal Plants in Tagalog and English
Bangkal (Leichhardt tree) 9/29 Kubi 9/29 Nitong-pula (Japanese climbing fern) 9/30 Alagasi (Tooth scrubber) 10/1
Pito-pito 10/4 Cadena de amor (Chair of love) 10/5 Licopodio (Common clubmoss) 10/5 Kamia (Butterfly lily) 10/6
Pakpak-lauin (Bird's nest fern) 10/6 Amapola (Cotton rose hibiscus) 10/7 Bayag-usa (Testicle tree) 10/7 Bakaig (Fever nut) 10/8
Kalumbibit (Niker tree) 10/8 Balaniu (Ceylon citronella) 10/8 Citronella 10/8 Gabi-gabihan (Pickerel weed) 10/9
Marihuana 10/10 Atis (Sugar apple) 10/11 Dadayem (Beggar ticks) 10/12 Arnus (Japanese alder) 10/12
Anuang (Whitehead spikesedge) 10/12 Abuab 10/13 Baraibai (Sea mango) 10/13 Calico flower 10/13
Dalanghita (Tangerine orange) 10/13 Araro (Arrowroot) 10/14 Bo tree (Sacred fig tree) 10/14 Asoka (Ashok tree) 10/15
Dao (Pacific walnut) 10/16 Chinese croton 10/16 Balatong-aso (Coffee senna) 10/18 Kawad-kawaran (Bermuda grass) 10/18
Chico (Sapodilla plum) 10/19 Pukingan (Blue pea) 10/20 Aroma (Prickly acacia) 10/23 Coral berry 10/23
Buboi-gubat (Red cotton tree) 10/24 Bottle brush (Red cascade) 10/24 Curly dock (Rumex) 10/25 Bataw (Hyacinth bean) 10/25
Katigbi (Job's tears) 10/26 Balimbing (Star fruit) 10/27 Buntot-tigre (Devil's tongue) 10/27 Bayabas (Guava) 10/30
Buol (Seaside plum) 10/30 Coral bush (Firecracker fern) 10/30 Bunga-bunga (Sessile joyweed) 10/31  
Darak (Rice bran) 8/16 Pokpoklo (Finger algae) 8/19 Anthurium (Flamingo flower) 8/21 Guijo (Red balan) 8/27
Bambang (White bauhinia) 10/21      
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